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Sweet Child and Co.

Wick Trimmer

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Wick trimmers are your candle's best friend since the 15th century. Although they dont look as modern and pretty as they are now. They are designed to promote slow and steady burning by trimming the wick before each use.

Check out how trimming wicks is important in a candle's life in our posted blog ; )

Our Stainless steel wick trimmers are available in two colors. Silver and Gold. Each wick trimmer comes with a canvas drawstring pouch.

Wick trimmer measurement : 6.75 inches.

Scent Profiles

Pumpkin Chai + Vanilla 

top -  Orange Peel, Cinnamon                             

middle  - Pumpkin , Clove , Black Tea                             

base  - Vanilla , Graham Cracker

Mango + Coconut

top:  Pineapple, Orange                           

middle : Mango, Peach                           

base : Coconut Milk, Sugar

Black Currant + Jasmine 

top :Citrus                           

middle  : Jasmine , Black Currant , Red Currant , Peach                           

base  :  Amber , Black Tea, Anise

Magnolia + Peony :

top : Cherry blossom, Bergamot               

middle : Magnolia, Peony, Green Leaves, Freesia                           

base : Amber, Powder

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