Candles and Wick Trimming

Why trimming wicks is very important on your candle's life. 

I have not really paid much attention to trimming wicks until I started making candles myself. Like everyone else, I buy the candle, light it and go on with my day. I did not even know what a wick trimmer was until a candle aficionado showed me how I was burning my candle wrong this whole time.

Now that I am 10 inches deep in candle making craft , I have devoted a lil' time in somewhat educating other candle lovers like me in making it a habit of trimming those  wicks.After all, the life of the candle and your safety relies on it. And if it saves you from a disaster, then maybe, this is worth a shot. ; )

* Trimming the wicks each time before lighting will not only give you a cleaner burn  but also a SAFE one. Untrimmed wicks results to larger/ taller flames. Taller flames results to overheated candle containers. And overheated candle containers results to...well, cracked glass jars.

* Longer wicks also tend to burn on a faster rate. Which then creates a shorter candle burn time.

* Trimming wicks each time before lighting can also prevent large carbon build up. 

   Carbon build up also  affects the scent throw of your candle .

WHEN is the best time to trim your candle wick ?

It is highly recommended that you trim your wick BEFORE each use. If you forgot to trim your wick after lighting it, you can extinguish the flame, wait for it to cool down and trim  your candle wick with caution.

HOW to trim your candle wick?

You can use a small  scissor to trim your wick but if you want to be extra fancy (*wink),  a wick trimmer of different variety are available in the market. Again, it is always best and safe to trim your candle wick when they are at room temperature.

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Generally, it is recommended to trim the wick down to at least about 1/4 inch. And always clean up fallen trimmings ( carbon). we don't want them in our wax when we light our candle.

And a general rule of thumb, when you have about less 1/2 inch of wax left at the bottom of your jar, that means its time to replace them with a new one :)