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Sweet Child and Co.

Soy Wax Melt Sample Piece

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Love our Soy Wax Melts but don't want to commit to our full box just yet? This is for you !! Now offering a fun size of our top best selling scents .You now have the chance to pick and try without buying the full wax melt pod box .

Our  soy wax melt pods are all small batched and hand poured . Crafting all natural soy wax and blended with Phthalate-free fragrance oils .Topped with natural foliage cuttings. Free from paraffin and dye.

1.15 oz / piece 

Black Currant + Jasmine 

Note Profile : top - Citrus

                            middle  - Jasmine , Black Currant , Red Currant , Peach

                            base - Amber , Black Tea , Anise

Seawater + Jasmine 

Note Profile : top - citrus , mint green 

                        Middle :  jasmine, moss

                        Base : amber , musk ,sandalwood , cedar

Magnolia + Peony

Note Profile : Top:  Cherry blossom, Bergamot

   Middle: Magnolia, Peony, Green Leaves, Freesia

                           Base : Amber, Powder

Pine + Tonka Bean { NEW }

Note Profile: Top: Eucalyptus, Mint

                           Middle: Cypress, Pine

                           Base: Tonka Bean, Smoke



Scent Profiles

Pumpkin Chai + Vanilla 

top -  Orange Peel, Cinnamon                             

middle  - Pumpkin , Clove , Black Tea                             

base  - Vanilla , Graham Cracker

Mango + Coconut

top:  Pineapple, Orange                           

middle : Mango, Peach                           

base : Coconut Milk, Sugar

Black Currant + Jasmine 

top :Citrus                           

middle  : Jasmine , Black Currant , Red Currant , Peach                           

base  :  Amber , Black Tea, Anise

Magnolia + Peony :

top : Cherry blossom, Bergamot               

middle : Magnolia, Peony, Green Leaves, Freesia                           

base : Amber, Powder

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