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Sweet Child and Co.

Bubble Pillar Soy Candle - 5 oz

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Our very first Sweet Child and Co.  Pillar Soy Wax Candle . 

Enjoy this 5 oz Bubble Soy Pillar Wax Candle that will definitely add more aesthetics to your room. These cute beauties are lightly scented in our specially hand picked best seller  Pthalate - free scents.

Although commonly used for  a home  / space decor , should you wish to light it, carefully remove packaging and  place it on a flame resistant dish or votive  deep enough to prevent melted wax from spilling.

Bubble Pillar Soy Candle is crafted with premium All Soy Pillar wax , blended with Phthalate-free Fragrance Oil. NO DYE and with Lead -Free Wick.

Specifications :

Height -  approx . 2.2"

Diameter - 2.5"

* Will fit any votive / dish with diameter of 2.75 and up.


Scent Profiles

Pumpkin Chai + Vanilla 

top -  Orange Peel, Cinnamon                             

middle  - Pumpkin , Clove , Black Tea                             

base  - Vanilla , Graham Cracker

Mango + Coconut

top:  Pineapple, Orange                           

middle : Mango, Peach                           

base : Coconut Milk, Sugar

Black Currant + Jasmine 

top :Citrus                           

middle  : Jasmine , Black Currant , Red Currant , Peach                           

base  :  Amber , Black Tea, Anise

Magnolia + Peony :

top : Cherry blossom, Bergamot               

middle : Magnolia, Peony, Green Leaves, Freesia                           

base : Amber, Powder

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